Periods 1-2~ Digital Arts

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Welcome to the 2014 - 2015 Digital Arts class!
Study Guide for the Digital Arts final is attached at the bottom of this page
Looking to make your mark in the new Media Arts?
Digital Arts will give you the education you need!
The class focuses on enhancing creative problem solving through project-based learning — giving you a very practical, real-world emphasis, and an understanding of visual literacy in the media-rich marketplace. Master the powerful combination of artistic knowledge and technical skills to create professional, high-quality digital works. Digital Arts focuses on the latest production techniques for generating computer-based graphics, combined with an understanding of advertising and marketing in the commercial arts.

Digital Arts covers creative experimentation with art, graphic design, digital illustration, and the computer. Students produce logo designs, digital illustrations, posters, collages, photo manipulations, and digital paintings with an emphasis on elements and principles of design.
Build your understanding of color and composition and explore the representation of form through vector illustration and drawing.

Developing your technical proficiencies is just the beginning; you will also learn key concepts of multimedia and visual art as you acquire a practical understanding of the conventions, language, practices, and aesthetics that digital artists and designers use.

Digital Arts--Student created Original Art