Digital Arts Advanced-Honors Assignments

Final Semester 2 Assignments

Final Semester 2 Assignments

due Friday June 1st~        Photoshop Challenge                        
    Select parts from at least three of the five photos of the rusty parts. 
    Create a new image with the parts and incorporate in with your own digital design.

due Friday June 8th~       Memories


·      3-7 (Odd # of Photos) high resolution photographs reflecting your theme of Family, or Friends, or Boyfriend/Girlfriend, or You Growing Up, or Involvement in Activities, or Time to Graduate

·      Photographs must be feathered selections using the Rectangular or Elliptical Marquee selection tool- see directions below---

·      Color correct photos so they match in tone and color


·      Photographs must take up MORE SPACE than the background.—More positive space than negative space. 

•    Follow class demonstrations

due Wednesday June 13th~    Self-Portrait Collage


·      This collage should say something about YOU.- It is a self-portrait collage. It should be abstract and have a great deal of depth.

·      Textures- layers and layers of them!

·      Text- such as hand written letters, doodling notes from a class, distressed text; it doesn’t have to be something we actually read!!! It could be something we are looking at as a form of texture.

·      3D Objects- your phone, favorite teddy bear, car keys, marble collection, your hair, make-up, hands, favorite hat, etc

·      Use of various blending modes and layer masks.

·      Edge effect

·    Focal Point- the emphasis or dominant composition element-- it can fade off- this could be a person’s face, maybe a hand reaching out, etc...

Use of Asymmetrical Balance, Movement, Breaking up of the Negative Space, Color, Unity


Assignment #1:
Start Doodling! -a page of curly designs

Assignment #2: Typography Poster

Assignment #3: Continuous Line- look at examples on the right- create 2 continuous line designs that show the line starting the design, continuing, and the exit of the line, ending the design.

Assignment #4
: Look at the Japanese 1920-30s Posters & Art Deco poster, then read Brief History of Art Deco Posters; Make a list of common characteristics of the Art Deco style

Assignment #5:
Music Poster in Art Deco style- look at examples from the Japanese posters of 1920-1930s and Art Deco Poster slide show to the right

Continuous Line logo design
Centro Books by Burn Creative

Continuous Line logo inspirations

Typeface Poster Examples

1920-1930s Japanese Poster Art

ART Deco Posters