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Illustrator Tutorials:
Illustrator Basics 1 Video tutorial
Illustrator Basics 2- Page Layout and shortcuts

Illustrator Basics 3- Selection Tools
Illustrator Basics 4- Shape Tools
New in Illustrator
TYPE:  Designing with TypeType 2, TwoToneType, Clipping Masks with Type, Layer Magazine Drawing Inside Type, Golden Text Effect in Illustrator
PEN TOOL: Pen Tool Basics, Pen Tool- Page 1, Pen Tool- Page 2, Pen Tool- Page 3a, Pen Tool- Page 3b, Page 4, Page 5
MORE ILLUSTRATOR TOOLS-Width Tool, Blob Brush, Make Swirls with an Art Brush, Shape Builder, Pathfinder Panel,  More Perspective Grid, Clipping Masks, RotationTool_AddSunRays
Blend Tool, More Blends and Gradients, Gradient Meshes,
Fantastic Illustrator World Gradient Mesh tutorial: Mesh page1, Mesh page2, Mesh page3, Mesh page4, Mesh page5
ILLUSTRATOR PANELS: Layer Mag Appearance Panel tip, Layer Magazine Stroke Panel tip, Symbols,
ASSIGNMENTS- Create a Flower in Illustrator, Create a Flower Vase, 3D Revolve Vase, Painting a Rose with Live Paint, Create a Round Aquarium, Creating a 3D Table, Intro to PerspectivePerspective Grid tool-Build a RoomCreating Eyes in IllustratorDrawing Lips Tracing a Face from a PhotoChris Spoon's How to Create a Vector Portrait- thanks to, Geometric PortraitsPortrait from FrozenShort Hair with Highlights, Instructions for Creating Hair_01

YouTube Video

Vector Hair