Assignments-Pathway Photo

For all assignments, remember that this is a high school photography class and there are guidelines as to acceptable subject matter at the high school level:

·      NO drugs, sex, alcohol, tobacco products, or weapons should be in the photographs.
NO nudity; NO brutality or cruelty to people or animals.
NO inappropriate gestures(such as third finger); no gang signs;
You must take all your own pictures. Do NOT take pictures of someone else's pictures. Do NOT download someone else's pictures and turn them in as yours.

    If someone else takes the pictures, and you turn them in as yours, you will get a referral for cheating.
Do not borrow someone else’s memory card to use for your project.
You must take the pictures, upload your own pictures, select the photographs to turn in. If someone else does the work, and you turn it, you will both get referrals for Academic Dishonesty.

·       THE SUBJECT OF THE PHOTOGRAPH MUST BE IN FOCUS... WATCH your shutter speeds!! Make certain you are using shutter speeds fast enough to avoid camera shake.

NO FLASH!!!!!!!

  • ALL photographs must be color corrected, and make use of all post-production possibilities in ACR.

·       Projects turned in late due to student choice NOT to take pictures when due, will only receive partial credit.
Plan  Ahead—Projects not completed on time will not be ready for critiques and lose points on that as well.


For every assignment, unless otherwise indicated, you must turn in at least 3 really good photographsI will not accept less than three. If you do not follow the assignment criteria, the photographs will NOT be accepted.


·      If the shutter speed is too slow then you do not have enough light to take photographs without them being blurry.  Do not use shutter speeds slower than 1/15th on a P&S, or 1/60th on a DSLR without the camera attached to a tripod.

·      Move and find a different location with more light, or add some lights to the scene- open the curtains to add more light, turn on some lamps.

·      Make sure the window or lamps are BEHIND YOU!!

Second– Take AT LEAST 6-10 DIFFERENT pictures in order to get 3 “REALLY GOOD PICTURES” to turn in.

·      If you are using the same subject for all pictures, you need to change your camera angle, change location, change the arrangement, and change the pose.

·       IF you are at the same height; if you just move a little closer; if the pictures look the same, with the same background: YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY CREDIT FOR THE ASSIGNMENT.

·      There must be enough variation in the pictures to make them LOOK COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.


April 8, 2015:      ART HISTORY BRUSH Effect 

FAUX HDR– creating "gritty" landscapes using one image "false" High Dynamic Range techniques

NEW Tutorial: Photomatix Grunge HDR

ASSIGNMENT #1:  Precious Water    DUE: Friday, Feb. 6th

Follow criteria for Helix Water District High School Water competition.

Turn in three different photographs, one must be in black and white, using the Photoshop BW Adjustment layer

Avoid ANY Background Distractions

ASSIGNMENT #2: "NIGHT" book cover or HUMANS of N Y-  DUE Fri, Feb. 13th

See class handout  

ASSIGNMENT #3: Video, Slow-Motion, Time Lapse       DUE TUES, Feb. 24th

Using a digital camera be innovative! Create a TIME LAPSE video from hundreds of individual photos; create a video  relating to a subject you like

ASSIGNMENT #4:      DUE- Friday Feb. 27th  

                                          Helix Water District Entries Sized for Printing

                        OR            BEST PHOTOS!!    THREE of YOUR BEST Photos from this                                            year: Photos using the Principles of Photo Composition

ASSIGNMENT #5        Child Labor Photoshopped Photos   DUE Friday, Mar. 13th

            Google: Lewis Hines photographs of Child Labor

Select two - three of his photographs and use Photoshop masking to replace the face of the child in the photograph with your own. 

Take on the persona of the child and in your own words explain what life was like back then, and the type of work, and how the child labor laws helped you.

ASSIGNMENT #6:    People and their Shoes          DUE THURSDAY March 19th                                   

Three different people, and their shoes and leg positioning express their personality!

Take DIFFERENT photos- one for each person- head and shoulders, and bend down to get their legs and shoes. Do NOT  point the camera down!! Must be at eye level with shoes!! And legs/shoe must be a different photo than the face, but with the same lighting and background. See examples below.

FINAL People and Their Shoes- Creating the Photoshop Page

People and their Shoes