Photography Advanced-Honors Assignments— Fall Semester

• Continue taking pictures for Breadth and Concentration portfolio sections
        Honor Photography~ Decisions on Theme/Concentration must be made before Winter Break!

due December 2nd~ Circles, Squares and Triangles
    • Create compositions made up of just circles; compositions made up of just squares; compositions made up of just triangles

Circles Squares and Triangles

October ~ November Assignments Due Dates~
1- STILL LIFE in the style of the Dutch Painters due Thursday Oct 20th
    • Computer interpretations of Still Life photographs
2- WHITE on WHITE   due OCT 28th
    • Computer sketches of White on White
3- Drawing with Photography due NOV. 4th~ see slide show below
4- Hockney Style Joiners
5-  Enter a photo competition: Reader magazine,, Costco
6- Go to a photography exhibit- MoPA, MTRP, 
          Critique: describe three you like and why (include title, photographer, detailed description, principles
           and elements of art used; one you did not care for and why- use the language of art

Adv. Assignments- STILL LIFE photographs and Drawing with Photos-

Paintings of the Dutch Masters

Connecting & Combining Photos With Drawing

White on White

1-It's All About Color~
Group critique Tues. 9/13; due in Dropbox- Thurs 9/15

 Assignment Criteria:
~It’s not just about color as it is about color interacting with other color.
~It’s about strong, vibrant color.
~Think about the color of light. It is amazing how the color of the mountains, of buildings, etc gets richer and more intense in the very early hours of the morning or very late in the day.
~If you take pictures of graffiti, sculptures, etc you have to create a composition that makes the art your own, not just a photo of someone else’s art.
~When working on these photographs, work with the elements of design—line, shape, form, space (both positive AND negative space), pattern, contrast, and value.
Read the summer letter for more instructions.
Turn in 10 vibrant photographs
that are all about color!

See Color examples slide show from the main Advanced/Honors Photography page

4-Five from One~
Group critique Tues. 10/4; due in Dropbox Thurs.10/6
Assignment Criteria:

~Pick one photograph and create 5 different compositions from it, concentrating on principles and elements of art.
~Make sure to start with a very high resolution photograph, since this involves cropping.
~Concentrate on movement, shape, line, space, and pattern.
~For space- make sure to consider how you are using BOTH positive and negative space.
~Create abstracts

Critique Tues. 9/20; due in Dropbox Thurs. 9/22
Look at these Student Examples:


I have always liked imagery that when placed together created a unified composition. Try to find different images, scenes, details, colors, with compositions that can work together as one unit, so that even when separated by space they flow together. Look at the professional works by Joy Doherty


Group Critique- on your own;
due in Dropbox
Tuesday 10/11

 Assignment Criteria:
Select a photograph you've already taken that has the following:
~Asymmetrical balance
~no distractions or unwanted areas within the frame
~Great depth of field
~Lines, Curves, shapes that extend to the edges of the image; not just extended to the corners, but along different parts of the edge of the frame
~good selection of color and values
~Follow the technical handout on how to duplicate and flip and enlarge the page in Photoshop to create the final artwork.
~See some examples in the slideshow below:


3-Principles & Elements of Art~ 
Group critique Tues. 9/27; due in Dropbox Thurs. 9/29
Assignment Criteria:
~10 NEW pictures emphasizing specific principles and elements of art.
~Avoid empty space that does not make the photographs strong
~Look for the composition triangle
~Show movement
~Use pattern
~Eliminate distractions in picture-taking as well as in post-production


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