_Spring Semester-Advanced-Honors Photography Assignments

Final Advanced/Honors Photography Assignments
Words in Photographs~                due Friday June 1st

Blurb Book~                               due Friday June 8th~
Completed and submitted for Publishing

In Class Assignments~

• Print Negatives in the Darkroom
• Cyanotypes
• Typographic Portraits

• Portraits with 45° Side Lighting for Linoleum block printing
• Abstract Photography:
    Abstract photography is based on the photographer's eye. We’re looking to capture something in a way that it would not usually be seen. Looking for the details, the            patterns, the lines, the form, shape and colors that complete a subject and utilizing those key features to make an engaging image. It is those key elements that will help you to construct an image that has visual appeal. Check out this link to some great ABSTRACT PHOTOGRAPHY.