_Spring Semester~ Period 3 Pathway Photography

Last Day to turn in LATE Assignments

Period 3 Pathway Photo June Assignments

Final Assignments for the Year: 

1-    PATTERNS showing Depth    due  Mon  June 4th

v    No flat surfaces- so not rocks, dirt, grass, clothes.

v    Good examples would be a pier, or a row of car headlights or tail lights- taken at an angle to show depth (cars are smaller in the distance)

       Required to turn in: minimum 5 pictures and one contact sheet with the enlarged picture


    2-   NAME                                          due  Tuesday June 5th 

v    Find objects that look like the alphabet letters to spell out your name

v    Objects that look like alphabet  letters (NOT letters on signs)

v    Move in close so that it is easily recognizable as a letter-

o      Example- tree branches that look like a V. Blur out the background when taking the picture so the V of the tree branches is easily readable as the letter V.

v    DO NOT move objects together to look like the letter- MUST find it naturally!!

v    Open each photo then open a new photoshop page 20 inches Width, 10 inches Height  240 ppi resolution

v    Drag the individual pictures onto the new 20 x 10 page.

v    Pull out the guides so letters are spaced evenly and crop pictures to fit.

v    Create a background, add layer styles to letters (drop shadow, or stroke)

v    When complete, call me over so we can resize correctly.

      Required to Turn in: Name on created Background

    3-   BOOK                                due  Wednesday June 13th

v    Select  approx 10 pictures that will work in a book- pictures from class that can be of friends, family, sports, whatever works with pictures taken for class.

v    They must be high quality, high resolution, well composed, good exposure and in focus!!

v    After deciding on the pictures, open them and save any fixes or changes that you have made.

v    Flatten the images—In Photoshop go to the LAYERS menu and highlight FLATTEN (down near the bottom of the Layers menu

v    Make sure to resize them smaller so 2-3 pictures can be placed on one 8x10 page for me to print. 

v    Place 2-3 or more photos on each 8x10 by 240 ppi page

v    You can fit 2 pictures per page in the book.

v    In the photo room students will make book bindings and book pages.

v    I will print out picture choices and students will attach to pages in the book.

v    The book can be just a picture book. But do not have too much negative space.

v    Include graphics and design elements onto the pages

v    Add captions, phrases, etc

      Required to turn in: Completed book

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