Photography 1s Assignments:

LAST DAY to turn in any first semester LATE WORK is:
Friday Jan 13th
This is the last opportunity to make up work
and raise your semester grade!!
Remember, you MUST have grades of "A" or "B" in both semesters in order to receive college credit for the photography class.

DUE Wednesday January 18th:     REFLECTION~ Recognizable, in a reflective surface
    • Turn in 5 different reflection photographs following the criteria listed below:
Consider the different types of reflective surfaces and how they can distort and alter an image. Mirrors, chrome, glass, water all create reflections, and each can alter the reflection in different ways.
    • Make sure the photographs are 3-Dimensional with shadows and highlights.

    • Make sure the surface is clean.

    • Use something as a foreground frame so the picture is not just of a flat surface.

    • Look for visual simplicity and visual complexity. 

    Focus carefully on the reflection.
The reflection must be in focus.
    • Make sure the reflection takes up the majority of space, and it isn’t all gray.

    •Must take in bright light so reflections are colorful.

DUE Wednesday January 18th:    ABSTRACT REFLECTION

     • Turn in 5 different ABSTRACT reflection photographs. See examples below.

    Look for reflections distorted by ripples in water 

    Create close-ups showing abstracts created by light refraction

Reflection Examples

ABSTRACT Reflection

DUE FRIDAY DEC. 9th:             ‘Tis the Season~

•What does this time of year mean to you? This is open to your interpretation. This can be about the commercialism of the season; about two weeks off of school; about family, closeness, loneliness, sadness, happiness, faith, or whatever you feel this time of year means to you.

             BUT...   you MUST create the photograph~ don't just take pictures of someone else's artwork.

            • DON’T take photographs of someone else’s artwork, such as a holiday design in a store window

              DON’T take photographs of a religious symbol by itself. If you choose to  photograph a religious symbol, show it as part of a still life, or in a setting that              shows your creativity and understanding of photographic design.


DUE Thursday Dec.1st:          WET~

  • DON’T get the camera wet!!
  • Turn in 5 pictures that create a damp,, wet look. (so make sure to take at least 8 different pictures.
  • Think of creative ways to express Wet in photography. Select five of your best!
  • Make sure you use a fast enough shutter speed so the pictures are not blurry.

**DO NOT TURN IN ANY BLURRY PICTURES- they will NOT be accepted! **

  • Be playful! Move in close
  • Use the principles and elements of art.
  • Do not center this image. Make use of all the positive space.
  • Use asymmetrical balance and the rule of thirds.
  • Creativity in choice of subject, placement, use of picture space should be emphasized.



Photos of Performing Arts classes: Theatre, Band, Choir, Dance, Guitar class, Piano class. Students in classes or performances

DUE Friday Nov. 18:      Five Pictures for Cards ~  

                                                NOT ACCEPTED LATE!!


  • AT LEAST 4 NEW pictures, just taken for this assignment (can use one older picture)
  • This is a commercial assignment- taking pictures that could be for sale and sizing them for cards- look at note cards on sale in card stores
  • No visible faces- choose subjects that create "feelings"- emotions, "awe" factors, show the beauty of nature, classic cars
  • AT LEAST TWO of the five must be hand painted following classroom instructions
  • At LEAST ONE of the five must have one of the digital effects demonstrated in class
  • All pictures must be sized 6 inches x 4 inches following class instructions

See assignments listings and additional information attached at the bottom of this page.


'Tis the Season

02 Principles_Elements.doc

Expressive Animal-Small Child Photographs

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